OpenGL Workstation Power - Graphics Cards for the Professional User

Test Configuration

Workstation Dell Precision 330
Processor Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
Front Side Bus 100 MHz Quad Pumped
Motherboard Dell Precision 330 Motherboard
Chipset Intel 850 / Tehama
System Memory 512 MB PC800 RDRAM from Samsung
i850 drivers for Windows 2000 Intel drivers (V2.90)
i850 drivers for Windows NT4 Intel standard drivers
3Dlabs Wildcat II 5110 v04.02.02.04
ATI Fire GL4 v5.12.2195.2069
Elsa Gloria III v12.10
Software und Settings
Operating Systems Windows NT4 SP6a and Windows 2000 Professional SP1
Screen Resolutions 1280x1024x32, Vsync=off for all OpenGL tests
3D Studio Max R3.1 SpecAPC 3DSMAX 3.1 benchmark (NT4 only)
Viewperf SPECopc Viewperf 6.1.2 (NT4 and W2K)
Pro Engineer 2000 i2 SPECapc Pro/E 2000 i2 benchmark (NT4 and W2K)
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