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Elsa Gloria III - Performance Push From 12th Generation Drivers

Before we plunge into the synthetic benchmarks, we would like to mention an important feature of the Elsa and NVIDIA drivers.

Switching from version 7 of the driver to revision 12 produced enormous improvements in performance in some of the benchmarks, provided that a Pentium 4 system was the workstation used. This is principally thanks to features optimized to work with new processor features such as SSE2. As you can see in this chart, in some cases performance can be improved by more than 100%. These three Viewperf categories only show the most favorable scenarios, however. You can't always expect a performance boost when using a Pentium 4.

The competitors 3Dlabs and ATI aren't about to let the grass grow under their feet, either. During the test, we were able to improve performance by running the most recent drivers as well - although with percentage increases that weren't as spectacular as was the case for the Elsa Gloria III.

Uwe Scheffel