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Elsa Gloria III - Driver, Continued

Anti-aliasing acts to smooth lines on wireframe models. Provided that the models haven't been overlain with complex textures, you can activate the option 2X or 4X without having performance suffer too much. Users have to decide for themselves whether they want to present textured objects or not, since selecting this option really chews up your bandwidth, causing your performance to plummet.

Not until the next model, the Gloria DCC , appears on the market with a Quadro derived from the GeForce3 will Elsa be able to offer the more efficient Quincunx technology.

After the 12.10 driver has been installed, the auto detect feature doesn't work properly with some devices, as was the case with our Iiyama reference monitor. The standard refresh rate offered by the card is only 75 Hz. If you want to attain higher frequencies, you have to "push" the frequency manually.

Uwe Scheffel