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Noise Comparison Videos: Full Load

Radeon HD 7990 And GeForce GTX 690: Bring Out The Big Guns

Full Load with GPGPU

Pushing each card's twin GPUs to 100% utilization is easy with one bitcoin mining session per chip. PowerColor's Devil13 HD7990 enjoys the largest cooling reserves, while HIS' 7970 X2 can't quite keep up.

EVGA GTX 690 - 100% Load (GPGPU)

PowerColor 7990 Devil 13 - 100% Load (GPGPU)

HIS 7970 X2 - 100% Load (GPGPU)

Not surprisingly, EVGA's GeForce GTX 690 wins the noise contest once again, even in light of temperatures that peak a little higher than we'd like to see. As we mentioned before, though, there aren't many people who plan to use their graphics cards like this (particularly a GK104-based board, which doesn't deliver compelling compute performance), so full-load noise should rarely be an issue.

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