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Benchmark Results: Start And Stop Times

Ubuntu 11.10 Review: Benchmarked Against Windows 7

Boot, Shut Down, Hibernate, And Wake Times

This test is timed using a stopwatch that measures in milliseconds. We ran five iterations of each action in the following sequence: boot, hibernate, wake, shut down. The clock for boot and wake times starts when the OS bootloader takes over from BIOS operations. Boot timing ends when the operating system desktop appears, while wake timing ends when prompted to log in. Hibernate timing begins when the hibernate command is issued, and shut down timing begins when the shut down command is issued. Both hibernate and shut down timing ends when the test system powers off.

Ubuntu beats Windows 7 in boot time by about one second, but Microsoft doubles that lead over Linux in wake time. Ubuntu enters hibernation a fraction of a second before Windows 7, but Windows shuts down more than two seconds before Ubuntu. The overall winner here is Windows, though not by a noticeable margin.  

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