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What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - APRIL 17 9

Now you can access your desktop or laptop using a mobile Android device.

news - APRIL 17 17

No more updates for Windows 8.1 users until this major Update is installed.

news - APRIL 16 19

Here's another way to subscribe to Office 365.

news - APRIL 15 12

Epic Games wants more developers to have access to UE4.

news - APRIL 14 8

How Do I Create a System Image Backup?

news - APRIL 14 22

Civilization is heading to alien planets.

news - APRIL 12 15

Streaming the games you own just got a little cheaper.

news - APRIL 11 21

This free-to-play MMOG sounds like The Walking Dead.

news - APRIL 11 7

Google's Verify Apps feature now keeps a watchful eye on all installed apps.

news - APRIL 11 18

Here comes another Borderlands installment, telling the story of Handsome Jack.

news - APRIL 8 47

Want the Update for Windows 8.1 right now? This is how you can manually install it.

news - APRIL 6 16

The list of supported PC games is quickly growing.

news - APRIL 5 18

The DOOM beta will be limited to three platforms.

news - APRIL 5 21

The wait is finally over for The Elder Scrolls fans.

news - APRIL 4 13

The end of an era draws near.

reviews - APRIL 4 182

The Elder Scrolls series practically invented the modern single-player RPG. Today, we look at the franchise's expansion into the MMO space with The Elder Scrolls Online. What sort of graphics card and CPU will...

news - APRIL 3 0

Microsoft making things easier for developers to write 'one code to rule them all'

news - APRIL 2 42

Windows 8.1 will get an OTA update packed with several UX goodies.

news - APRIL 1 3

Even though smartphones support exchange, this app will have more features.

news - APRIL 1 6

At GTC 2014, drummer Mickey showed us his brain.

news - MARCH 24 16

Lead exterior environment artist Chris Donelson talks about Reaper of Souls and the tools he uses.

news - MARCH 24 59

Get a credit when you go with the new OS.

news - MARCH 22 17

Crytek's subscription is cheaper and doesn't require a royalty fee.

news - MARCH 20 6

Epic's Unreal Engine 4 subscription plan will cost less than $20 per month.

news - MARCH 20 44

But can it play Crysis? Oh yes it can.

news - MARCH 20 3

Software for giant touch screen computers is growing in popularity.