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What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - MARCH 13 9

A redeemable code for Daylight is one of Nvidia's new Spring bundles.

news - MARCH 12 82

Titanfall has finally landed, and eats up around 48 GB of HDD space.

news - MARCH 12 20

Windows 8 Update is Stuck at Updating. How Do I Fix This?

news - MARCH 11 14

Apple has introduced some pretty nifty features with iOS 7.1.

news - MARCH 9 26

The team is bursting with ideas.

news - MARCH 8 48

Titanfall can be preloaded from Origin.

news - MARCH 7 46

You can grab the update now if you're feeling adventurous.

news - MARCH 6 12

Microsoft will talk about DirectX 12 during GDC 2014 later this month.

news - MARCH 5 13

OnLive has fired up another subscription service that links to your Steam account.

news - MARCH 5 29

Time to level up quick.

news - MARCH 4 7

3D Realms still stands as a shining beacon, says Mike Neilson.

news - MARCH 4 3

The OUYA platform is more than an Android console.

news - MARCH 4 20

You start to really play Reaper of Souls once Malthael is defeated.

news - MARCH 4 7

Driver problems? Try Guru3D's Display Driver Uninstaller to completely eradicate old graphics drivers.

news - MARCH 1 42

Could this be a "Starter Edition" of Windows 8.1?

news - MARCH 1 47

AMD responds to talk about DirectX and OpenGL being lower in the software stack.

news - FEBRUARY 28 10

IBM is calling on developers to create Watson-based apps.

news - FEBRUARY 28 13

Razer's Game Booster now saves game progress to the cloud.

news - FEBRUARY 27 15

This will be a premium version offering the full-blown Android experience.

news - FEBRUARY 27 6

Barnes & Noble has no plans to back out of the tablet race.

news - FEBRUARY 27 14

Select Pentium and Celeron CPUs are getting Quick Sync Video. UPDATED.

news - FEBRUARY 23 2

This app promises to help save you data.

news - FEBRUARY 21 14

No doubt the DOOM code will drive a lot of Wolfenstein: TNO sales.

news - FEBRUARY 20 39

Level boosts may cost $60 per character.

news - FEBRUARY 19 99

A Microsoft UX designer talks about why we need the Start Screen in Windows 8.

news - FEBRUARY 19 8

Win a trip to meet Blizzard's Diablo III team!