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Software - Page 8


What is the best free anti-virus, the perfect software for data backup, or the best photo editing application? Tom's Hardware offers regular themed selections to keep you informed and help you make the best choice.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 60

Windows 8.1 is coming out in a month and this is how much it will cost.

news - SEPTEMBER 17 9

As suspected, after the announcement of the subscription plan for Maya LT, Autodesk revealed that its products and suites will become available under a rental license as well as a purchased perpetual license.

news - SEPTEMBER 15 28

Her name is Cortana, and she'll likely spread out across all Microsoft devices.

news - SEPTEMBER 13 13

Samsung is finally using the big.LITTLE MP architecture in its eight-core chip.

news - SEPTEMBER 12 18

Check out Tom's Guide's newest article on Windows 8 apps.

news - SEPTEMBER 12 9

The first stage in the development of StarCraft Universe has been reached.

news - SEPTEMBER 10 2

Check out Tom's Guide's latest story on managing your photos.

news - SEPTEMBER 2 27

Blizzard wants to reduce your stay in the Auction Houses.

news - AUGUST 28 26

No one is getting the new Windows 8.1 RTM build except for OEMs, not even developers.

news - AUGUST 28 -2

Autodesk introduces Maya LT, an affordably priced but powerful 3D animation tool for indie game developers.

news - AUGUST 27 28

Ballmer's retirement is sudden and sooner than originally planned.

news - AUGUST 27 3

It's almost time to create new and interesting worlds with Project Spark.

news - AUGUST 27 26

Sources claim that Windows 8.1 has definitely gone RTM.

news - AUGUST 27 20

Blizzard will supposedly launch a Reaper of Souls beta this year, but it's likely closed to a set number of pro gamers, journalists and more.

news - AUGUST 26 8

Here's a way to play Angry Birds across the office floor.

news - AUGUST 26 40

Several PC titles from Ubisoft will be optimized for Nvidia's GeForce GPUs.

news - AUGUST 26 8

Firefox Metro is now offered in the Nightly build.

news - AUGUST 25 17

Blizzard is still tooling around with Diablo III's PvP mode.

news - AUGUST 25 29

Lenovo is shipping new Windows 8 PCs with Pokki, but it won't be chocolatey and crunchy.

news - AUGUST 25 111

Be prepared to pay $15 per month for an Elder Scrolls Online subscription.

news - AUGUST 24 7

Get your Wang on this September 26.

news - AUGUST 23 23

A look at the major milestones and products from Microsoft during Steve Ballmer's tenure.

news - AUGUST 22 0

Check out's Tom's Guide's latest story on VoIP apps for desktop!

news - AUGUST 22 24

Malthael is making a return after appearing in the Diablo 2 expansion pack. What a pest. **Updated with the opening cinematic trailer and gameplay footage.

news - AUGUST 21 2

It's your destination for discovering Oculus Rift-ready games and other experiences.

news - AUGUST 19 17

Check out Tom's Guide's latest round-up of the best Chrome extensions available.