LG IPS Monitor With FreeSync Hits $89

LG Monitor
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Simple 24-inch, 1080p monitors in the $90 - $100 price range are a dime a dozen in the (well, not literally). But throw in an IPS panel, AMD FreeSync and other gaming features, and you’ve got something that stands out in the ultra-budget category. The LG 24MK430H-B may not be on the best gaming monitor, but at $89.99, it's a great deal on a screen that can also moonlight in gaming.

LG 24MK430H-B Monitor: was $146.99, now $89.99 at Adorama

LG 24MK430H-B Monitor: was $146.99, now $89.99 at Adorama
This monitor sets itself apart by bringing an IPS panel and FreeSync into the sub-$100 price point. While its refresh rate is just 75 Hz, it makes a great budget pick for gamers or those seeking a secondary display.

The LG 24MK430H-B stands out by including FreeSync and an IPS panel at a price where those features aren’t always guaranteed. That makes it one of the best monitor deals for  gamers who are building on a budget or anyone who needs a second display and still wants strong color accuracy.

LG's 24MK430H-B also comes with bonus features, like the ability to overlay a virtual crosshair on the screen, and will work with 75 x 75mm wall mounts. This monitor connects over either HDMI or DVI, has a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 5ms response time and 75 Hz refresh rate. 

Visit Adorama to check out the LG 24MK430H-B in more detail, and be sure to check back daily as we continue to post the best holiday tech deals we can find.

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