Alphacool’s VPP755 Pump Sounds Too Good To Be True, Better Than D5 In Every Metric

Alphacool’s VPP755 Eispump boasts lower power draw, less vibration, and stronger head pressure than the popular D5 pump, and they are compatible with all Alphacool D5 accessories.

PC water cooling is growing ever more popular. Thanks to the hobby’s growing popularity in recent years, water cooling companies started investing in R&D to improve the products that they offer to customers.

EK Water Blocks is a prime example. The water cooling company released dozens of water blocks for GPUs and motherboards, and it refreshed its lineup of pump tops and reservoirs in the last 12 months, but it isn’t the only company trying to improve the water cooling market. Alphacool also regularly churns new water blocks, reservoirs, radiators, and even fittings out of its facility.

The water cooling market gets new components all the time, but new pumps are rarely offered. Alphacool decided we were all due, so it built a new pump that retains the D5’s shape but introduces a new internal design.

Alphacool’s VPP755 pump features a ceramic shaft instead of the spherical bearing normally found in a D5 pump, and the designers repositioned the motor coils to improve balance and reduce vibration. With less vibration, the VPP755 can remain quieter than a D5 pump. It also has the bonus of drawing 50% less power than a traditional D5 pump. And even though it draws less power and produces less noise, the VPP755 has a higher head pressure than other D5 variants.

Alphacool VPP755

Alphacool’s VPP755 Eispump even offers variable speed options. On the back of the pump, you will find a dial that lets you adjust the maximum RPM at which the motor can operate. Variable speed isn’t a new feature for D5 pumps, but if you try to use PWM control to manage the pump speed, PWM overrides the manual setting.

Alphacool’s VPP755 Eispump doesn’t allow PWM to override the manual setting. Whatever you set the maximum RPM to on the dial becomes the maximum speed of the pump. PWM can control the speed of the pump up to the dialed in speed, and not beyond.

The VPP755 Eispump isn’t a proper D5 variation, but it does retain most of the same dimensions as the Laing D5. Alphacool said that the VPP755 pump is compatible with the company’s lineup of D5 accessories. We suspect that accessories from other companies are compatible., too.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (DxH): 60 x 53,5mm
Cable length: 50cm
Standard voltage: 12V DC
Power consumption: 14W
Accepted voltage: 8-13v DC
Pressure at 12V: 4m head
Maximum flow: 350l/h
Pump fluid: water, water/glycol mixture
Maximum system temperature: 65°C
Power connection: 4-pin Molex
Speed sensor signal: 3-pin
PWM signal: 4-pin
Special features: adjustable to five levels:
-Level 1: 1800 RPM
-Level 2: 2500 RPM
-Level 3: 3200 RPM
-Level 4: 3900 RPM
-Level 5: 4500 RPM
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  • urbanj
    Looking forward to a review/comparison with the D5, as I was a few weeks away from ordering parts for a water cooling loop once my new case arrived.
  • ihateregister
    Shame. It's voltage controlled, not a PWM controlled pump. And they skimped on the electronics.