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22-inch, 1080p FreeSync Monitor on Sale for $69

AOC Monitor
(Image credit: Amazon)

Sometimes you just need a cheap monitor. Perhaps you're building a budget computer for your family or you need a second or third screen to add to your existing setup.  

We've never seen a better holiday tech deal on a monitor than this one. Today, Amazon is selling the AOC 22V2H for a mere $69, which is $20 off of its already-low regular price of $89. This 21.5-inch screen carries a 1080p resolution and offers support for AMD FreeSync and it runs at 75 Hz. It has virtually no bezels.

AOC 21.5-inch, 1080p Monitor: was now $89 now $69

AOC 21.5-inch, 1080p Monitor: was now $89 now $69
For an inexpensive monitor, this screen has some nice features, including a nearly bezel-free design, a 75 Hz refresh rate with FreeSync and a sturdy stand. Supports HDMI and VGA input.

Normally, sub-$100 monitors run at 60 Hz and have thick bezels so the AOC 22V2H is  pretty full-featured for its class. It takes both VGA and HDMI inputs.

We haven't tested the 22V2H, but Amazon users give it high marks for thinness and color quality.

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