Get Logitech's Awesome C920 Webcam for $39, An All-Time Low

It's not often that a seven-year-old peripheral is still the leader in its field, but that's the story of the Logitech C920, the best all-around consumer webcam for themoney. First released in 2012, this 1080p, USB camera captures crystal-clear images with bright colors and wide angles and even offers great audio capture through its dual microphones. Now, for Prime Day, Amazon has the Logitech C920 on sale for $39.99, the lowest price it has ever been.

I can vouch for the C920, because I've been using it as my home webcam since I bought one in 2015. At work, I use the $88, business-oriented C930e, which is nearly identical but has a slightly wider field of view and a privacy shutter.

Logitech makes a few other, pricier cameras that are basically the C920 with a couple of extra features. The $64 C920s is the same camera with a privacy shutter while the $74 C922x adds green-screening technology that replaces the background behind you. But, for most people, those aren't must-have features.

Logitech's camera design offers the kind of image quality you won't find on other external webcams and it blows away even the best built-in laptop webcams. Because it uses USB, you can use the camera in a variety of applications. It's compatible with a Raspberry Pi so you can use one to create a home security system or do facial recognition.

The C920 is so accurate that many businesses and government agencies use them for taking official photos; I always see this camera at passport control when I'm entering another country coming back home to the U.S.

At $39, the Logitech C920 is $10 less than it normally sells for and the lowest Amazon has ever sold it for. If you don't own an external webcam, this offers a quantum improvement over whatever is built into your laptop. If you already own a C920, this might be a good time to buy another to use with a second computer or to carry in your bag for trips.

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Avram Piltch
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