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Samsungs 970 Evo 1TB PCIe SSD crashes to under £150 in the UK

Samsung 970 Evo
(Image credit: Samsung)

OK, the 1TB Samsung 970 Evo isn't exactly a spring chicken of an SSD. It first appeared in early summer 2018. But back then, it cost the thick end of £400. Here it is at its lowest ever price of £147.22. That is one heck of a savings.  

What's more, Samsung's 970 Evo PCIe SSD is still a pretty nifty bit of solid state storage. It's an M.2 drive with a 2280 form factor, and a quad-lane PCIe 3.0 interface, so peak speeds are rated at 3,400MB/s for reads and 2,500MB/s for writes. Samsung is even good enough to be open about the fact that the latter figure is limited to the 970 Evo's SLC write cache, which measures 6GB minimum and can increase to 36GB dynamically. Something the company remedied with its latest Samsung 970 Evo Plus PCIe SSD, although that's about £40 more than this drive here.

Anyway long story short, you'll get 2,500MB/s for at least the first 6GB of any write workload. It may thereafter drop to 1,200MB/s, which is the underlying speed of the Evo's MLC NAND memory. But that's still well over double the speed of the fastest SATA SSD.



Samsung 970 Evo 1TB PCIe SSD: Was £274 now £147
A slightly older model, but still a very fine M.2 SSD with whole gigabytes of bandwidth. It'll make for a great upgrade over any SATA SSD, much less a traditional HDD.


With up to 500K of IOPS performance, the Samsung 970 Evo PCIe SSD is also a decent performer when it comes to random access throughput. That definitely matters for day to day responsiveness.

You will of course need a motherboard that supports the M.2 form factor, but for most folk on X370/Z270 or above, these should be common place.

Oh, and Samsung provides a full five year warranty and rates the 970 Evo for 600TB of writes. So you shouldn't have any long term reliability concerns. But if the 970 Evo isn't doing it for you even at this crazy price, check out the rest of our SSD deals for this month.