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Samsung's 49-inch CHG90 Is Now Only $649

Samsung CHG90
(Image credit: Microsoft Store)

The Samsung CHG90 is a whopper of a monitor with 49 inches of real estate, and now it's only $649 from Microsoft through their eBay outlet store for Cyber Monday, a $250 discount. That's a nice deal for a 32:9 widescreen monitor (it's four feet wide) that operates at a speedy 144 Hz refresh rate, but be aware that this panel debuted back in 2018, but great price reductions over time have given the monitor a long lifespan. 

The CHG90 has a resolution of 3840 X 1080 spread across its 13.3-inch high panel, basically creating the same amount of viewable screen as two 27" monitors placed beside each other, but with an 1,800 mm curve radius. 

The QLED monitor supports FreeSync 2 (36-144Hz), but it has a relatively loose 88 pixels per square inch. Our original review called out its accurate DCI-P3 color and excellent contrast and HDR10, with those features wrapped in a responsive and low-lag panel with a 1ms grey-to-grey latency. 

Samsung 49-inch CHG90 QLED: was $899, now $649 at eBay
This ultra-widescreen QLED gaming monitor features a 3440 x 1440 resolution, 144Hz refresh rate, FreeSync 2 support, and HDR10. This is an older model, but it might make a good option if you're after an inexpensive widescreen panel. View Deal

Connectivity options come in the form of two DisplayPort 1.2 connections along with two HDMI 2.0 ports. You also get support for one upstream USB 3.0 connection and two USB 3.0 downstream ports. The stand offers a 4.8-inch height adjustment and swivels 15 degrees to either side, along with a 15 degrees back tilt and 5 degrees forward tilt. 

Perhaps our monitor reviewer summed it up best, saying, "The gaming experience on this monitor is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Its 1,800R curve is tight enough that at a 3-foot viewing distance, the gaming environment completely filled our peripheral vision. There’s nothing like enjoying a wide field of view without the dividing lines of using 2 monitors. Once you’ve played on the CHG90, it’ll be hard to go back."

Given the expansive real estate, we found this panel excellent for gaming but lacking for movie-watching. This is an older monitor, but the new lower price makes this an interesting deal if you're on the hunt for a value-centric widescreen monitor. However, be aware that more modern panels come with better feature sets - but also higher pricing. 

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