Build Cool Stuff with Your Kid: Best STEM and Robot Toy Deals

Being a tech enthusiast parent has its challenges. You want to share your love of computers and electronics with your child, but maybe he or she isn't quite ready to be spreading thermal paste onto a $400 CPU. There are a lot of great STEM and robot toys that teach kids all about programming and circuitry by having them build and / or code a device. 

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, many of these STEM kits are on impressive sales. We've published our list of favorite STEM toy gifts, but these are the biggest sales on STEM and robot toys today.

  • Wonder Workshop Dash for $82.99 (reg $149.99). My son's favorite robot, the Dash has a cute, anthropomorphic personality and a ton of programming tutorials on board. Dash can roll around, light up in different colors, make sounds or use its distance sensor. You can also attach accessories such as a rocket launch and a xylophone. 
  • Wonder Workshop Dot for $51.18 (reg $79.99). Dash's smaller, less expensive brother doesn't have wheels for moving around, but it makes the most of its accelerometer, lights and sound output. And it uses Wonder Workshop's powerful programming challenges to teach your kid about coding.
  • littleBits Marvel Avengers Hero Inventor Kit for $87.95 (reg $149.95). Kids use simple, snap-together pieces to build a working super hero gauntlet with lights, motors and sensors. An app teaches you how to build and program it. My son really enjoyed building and rebuilding it.  

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Avram Piltch
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