All Of Thermaltake’s RGB Cooling Goodness In One Place

Thermaltake loves cooling, and it loves RGB lighting, so at its booth on the Computex show floor, the company crammed as many of its RGB-lit cooling products as possible into one showcase. In this case, it’s actually literally a case that shows all of those products.

The case in question is a Core P7 TG, and it’s built with two hinged doors that give you additional real estate upon which to hang your components of many colors. The Core P7 TG is almost an open bench sort of chassis, but it’s more stylish than that. Four shiny metal posts hold up a piece of tempered glass through which you can view your PC’s guts.

Among the gear and accessories that Thermaltake crammed into this rainbow-colored cocoon of cool is an RGB radiator, what appears to be the PR22 RGB reservoir and pump, RGB Riing Plus fans, RGB PSU (this one, we think), W4 RGB CPU water block, and Lumi LED strip.

All of the above are synced via Thermaltake’s proprietary software suite. (It’s a little tough to tell in the video, but Thermaltake actually had the lighting set to react to the music playing through the system.)

The software’s interface is a mite cluttered, but ultimately it looks like it will be fairly easy to navigate. You get four profiles to save things to, and you can easily adjust a setting with the GUI. When you click Save, your changes sync and nearly instantly take effect on your system.

We have more from Computex about Thermaltake below. You can catch all of our Computex coverage here.

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