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10 Mammoth CPU Coolers: Size Does Matter

Cooler Master Vortex TX

Overall Impression

Modeled closely on Intel's reference design: Cooler Master's Vortex TX

The Vortex TX from Cooler Master is the only cooler we tested that is modeled on Intel's reference design. The fins are made of copper, and are much thinner than those of the reference cooler. The unit is reminiscent of its predecessor, but is constructed of transparent material. Except for the mounting hardware, no other accessories are included.

The cooler, including mounting hardware

The fan connector has 4 pins, meaning it can be operated using pulse wave modulation (PWM) on the new LGA775 motherboards. It can also be used on older boards with 3-pin connectors. In this case, the motherboard has to have a Q-Fan function to automatically control the fan; otherwise it always operates at full speed.