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10 Mammoth CPU Coolers: Size Does Matter

Cooling Capacity

If the surface of the cooler had been better polished by the manufacturer, it would definitely increase the cooling capacity even more.

The Tuniq Tower whips up quite a squall, generating a whopping 48.8 dB(A) at its fastest setting. It really isn't possible to concentrate on work with so much noise. Run at the minimum setting, however, the noise level is only 34.4 dB(A), barely above ambient noise level and pleasantly quiet.

The cooling capacity speaks for itself: the Pentium 4 580 is kept at 54°C, a very good temperature, though again you pay for this in terms of noise. When the cooler is turned down low, the temperature rises to 65 °C, which still isn't hot enough to make the CPU throttle. The thermal resistance is 0.34 K/W.

A price is not yet available for this cooler.