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10 Mammoth CPU Coolers: Size Does Matter


The first stage of installing the Vanessa cooler is a joy: you open the huge box to find all the parts neatly ordered.

The contents are neatly ordered, making unpacking a treat

All of the fastening clips: on the left, Sockets 478 and LGA775, on the right, Socket 754/939 and Socket A

Unfortunately, for an LGA775 system, the fun is over as soon as the box has been put away, because now you have to remove the motherboard to affix the fastener clip to it. A backplate is provided to make sure everything is held in place.

With Sockets A, 754/939 and 478, it is possible to fasten the clip without removing the board. The next step is to screw the cooler to the clip. An extra-long screwdriver is conveniently provided for this purpose.

Screwing right through the middle. The screwdriver comes with the cooler.

Particular care is needed with Athlon XP CPUs: always make sure to insert the screws diagonally while holding the cooler completely straight. A brief lapse in attention can lead to damage to the die, which would destroy your processor.