Why 8 New Miditower Cases Do Not Always Deliver

ComsCom Think-Tank: Mobile Phone Charging Device Included

Case and charging station in one

In addition to the simple miditower, the Think-Tank is also useful as a mobile phone charging station. For loading, the mobile phone can be plugged into the plastic connector on the side. The first loading cable, complete with power adapter, is free. However, when ordering, the buyer must tell the manufacturer which mobile phone model he has. Incidentally, for charging, the necessary voltage is taken directly from the power supply. This protects the USB ports. Additional cables for other phones are available for a surcharge.

Front connectors and power source for mobile phone are on the side of the case

The display proves very basic

Functions of the display

  • Temperature display
  • 2-way fan control
  • Two default alarm statuses
Siggy Moersch