Why 8 New Miditower Cases Do Not Always Deliver

Casetek CS-1020-2: 7-way Fan Control

At 14.8 kg, the Casetek miditower is not exactly a lightweight. You can tell it is solidly constructed even from far away. Even so, the metal case gives a very elegant impression. The front panel has a round opening where the display sits. The whole thing looks like a bull's-eye. The round display, a good 3.35 inches across, continuously displays all available information; there is no tiresome switching between the individual levels. Only reading the values causes problems, because the contrast is very weak. The massive and very bulky front panel can be swung 180 degrees. Only after this armored door is opened can the drive slots be reached. However, to add CD or DVD drives, you need to open another panel - so to speak, a door inside the door. But be careful when mounting: This is precisely where the sharpest edges in the case are found. As with the previous model CS-1020-1 Casetek has not eliminated these sources of danger. Otherwise, all edges on and in the case have been filed down and pose few risks of injury.

Bulky metal case in elegant design

All information is displayed simultaneously

Functions of the display

  • Three temperature displays
  • 7-way fan control
  • Date and time
  • Rotation speed of system fans
  • Operating hours of PC
  • Hard-drive accesses
Siggy Moersch