Why 8 New Miditower Cases Do Not Always Deliver


There are few miditowers that also offer practical and useful control displays. Either reading the values is difficult or the display is too small to be read. Good-looking at first glance, they soon lose their charm, because reading is only possible with a direct view from above. Even the brightness of the room makes a huge difference in visibility for almost all of the miditower displays. The contrast and/or the viewing angle is very limited. If the miditower stands under the table as usual, the front display hardly makes sense.

The analog display on the Wavemaster is not for everyone, because the sound level amplitude is more decorative than anything else. By the same token, you can easily do without the halfway visible display on the Aplus Xclio - we prefer those on the Casetek or Silverstone cases. There, at least, meaningful information is displayed, even if reading it is problematic.

For this reason, which case you buy should not depend on the integrated display, because this can be added if necessary. Instead, pay careful attention to the workmanship and functionality of the miditower.

Siggy Moersch