Why 8 New Miditower Cases Do Not Always Deliver

Silverstone SST-TJ05: FP52 Display Integrated

The case bears amazing resemblance to Wavemaster

The dimensions of the SST-TJ05 case of 200 x 502 x 590 mm are gigantic for a miditower case. One of the consequences of this is that the SST-TJ05 weighs in at 15.1 kg when empty. So the little display on the front of the case doesn't seem big at first. Only upon closer inspection did we recognize our one-time winner , the fan control Eudemon SST-FP52. In the case design, too, we noticed amazing similarities to the last case test . The front module of the SST-TJ05 also seemed familiar to us, but from another miditower rather than a Silverstone case. Most likely it was modeled on the Wavemaster from Cooler Master. The curved formal and front elements were copied exactly, almost as if the case were a mirror image. Still, there is one improvement to report. While the front panel on the Wavemaster was held shut with a weak magnet, Silverstone improved this weakness with a catch mechanism. The front was also improved by the removal of the sharp edges that we had lamented.

Under the front panel are the four 5.25" and two 3.5" slots. Silverstone put the USB, FireWire and Audio ports on the side of the case so as not to ruin the chic design.

Display: 100% match with Eudemon SST-FP52

Functions of the display

  • Temperature display
  • Fan control
  • Date, time and alarm clock
  • Rotation speed of one fan each
  • Hard-drive accesses
Siggy Moersch