Why 8 New Miditower Cases Do Not Always Deliver

Intertech IT-2399 Silverstar: Lots Of Room For Drives

Overall view of the Intertech case

The Silverstar case attracts attention at once because of its big front display. When it is switched on, it lights up in dark blue and continuously displays time and interior temperature. Another icon shows the hard drive accesses, naturally only when the signal cable is connected to the motherboard. The IT-2399 provides lots of room for drives. Two of the four 5.25" drives have special front panels that can only be used for DVD drives or burners. The advantage of this is that the front always looks the same, regardless of which drive is underneath the front panels. Inside, there is room for up to seven 3.5" hard drives or similarly dimensioned drives. The drives can be fastened to the case with little green clips. Handling takes some getting used to; at first it takes a lot of skill. But once you have discovered the trick to it, installing the other drives in the miditower case is child's play.

Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit

Functions of the display

  • Temperature display
  • Fan control
  • Time
  • Rotation speed of one fan
  • Hard-drive accesses
  • Power-on
Siggy Moersch