8 SFF PCs: Small, But Not So Quiet

Technical Data Of Power Supply

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Manufacturer / ModelFSP Group FSP220-60SPI
Safety Standardsactive PFC, CE, TÜV
Total Power250 Watt max
AC Input115 / 220 - 230 Volt, 50 / 60 Hz
Max output load+ 3.3 V @ 20 A, + 5 V @ 27 A, + 12 V @ 17 A, + 5 Vsb @ 2.0 A, - 5 V @ 0.2 A, - 12 V @ 0.3 A
Fans2x 60 mm
Motherboard connectors1x 20-pin, 1x 12V ATXV2
Driver connectors3x Peripheral plug for 5.25"

Cooling System And Heat Levels

In the ZMAX-AP, Iwill relies on fanless CPU cooling. The oversize copper block has three heatpipes. They are there to divert heat as quickly as possible to the copper fins. Two system fans directly behind the copper block take care of cooling the fins. In idle mode, the two fans purr away quietly. But when the CPU runs at capacity, the decibel level rises to 47 dB(a). During the boot process our indicator even reaches 55 decibels. But during our stress test we were not able to reach this peak. The heat levels in and on the device are in an acceptable range.

What can you get for a pound of copper from the scrap dealer?

In addition to the CPU, the memory card in the MAX-AP gets very hot

Despite the two large system fans, the Iwill PC stays quiet

Siggy Moersch