8 SFF PCs: Small, But Not So Quiet

Biostar IDEQ 300G: Flipping Its Lid

We have not heard anything from Biostar in a long time. In 2004, they took a breather. The Taiwanese manufacturer says it was using this time for new developments and the iDEQ 300G is the result. From the outside, however, the mini-PC hardly looks different from its competitors. A shiny front panel or an integrated radio module can also be found in MSI or AOpen. Even wireless LAN, recognizable by the antenna in front, won't get anyone out from behind the sofa. It was only when we opened the mini-PC that we noticed the innovations. Two sliders allow the top of the case to be opened out to the back. It's comparable to the hood of a car. This has the advantage of allowing better access to the computer's innards. That makes installing hardware easier. If you turn the iDeq 300G around, you will find a little lid. This allows access to a mini-PCI slot into which you can insert the WLAN card.

Besides the driver CD, the package includes a remote control, as well as several test versions of Symantec. However, this software can only be used for 90 days.

Included with the iDEQ 300G

The choice of green for the color is not for everyone.

The interfaces on the back include one for serial ATA

The secret compartment for the mini-PCI slot is underneath the IDEQ

Siggy Moersch