8 SFF PCs: Small, But Not So Quiet

Technical Data Of Power Supply

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Manufacturer / ModelSoltek SS-300SFD
Safety Standardsactive PFC, CE
Total Power300 Watt max
AC Input100 - 240 Volt, 50 / 60 Hz
Max output load+ 3.3 V @ 18 A, + 5 V @ 18 A, + 12 V @ 8 A, + 12 V @ 14.5 A, + 5 Vsb @ 2.0 A, - 12 V @ 0.8 A
Fans1x 80 mm
Motherboard connectors1x 20-pin, 1x 12V ATXV2
Driver connectors4x Peripheral plug for 5.25", 1x Peripheral plug for Serial-ATA, 2x Peripheral plug for 3,5"

Cooling System And Heat Levels

It is hard to say anything about the CPU fan, because it is not included in the package. However, the boxed cooler from Intel fits easily into the QBic EQ350I. There is lots of leeway between the power supply and the drive chassis, so that most socket-775 fans can be used. The negative aspect about the boxed cooler is the fan, which reaches up to 4,440 rpm when the CPU is at full capacity. That's not just loud - it makes the PC noticeably vibrate. With one further test cooler-the Coolermaster CI5-9HDPA-02*- the vibrations at least disappeared, but the noise remained at a very high level.

*) This cooler was made available to us by Soltek's German headquarters.

Heat was measured with a CPU fan from Coolermaster

The volume measurement was done with an optional fan

Siggy Moersch