8 SFF PCs: Small, But Not So Quiet

Technical Data Of Power Supply

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Manufacturer / ModelFSP Group FSP220-60SE
Safety Standardsnone
Total Power220 Watt max
AC Input115 / 220 Volt, 50 / 60 Hz
Max output load+ 3.3 V @ 17 A, + 5 V @ 21 A, + 12 V @ 15 A, + 5 Vsb @ 2.0 A, - 5 V @ 0.2 A, - 12 V @ 0.3 A
Fans1x 80 mm
Motherboard connectors1x 20-pin, 1x 12V ATXV2
Driver connectors1x Peripheral plug for 5.25", 1x Peripheral plug for 3.5"

Cooling System And Heat Levels

The CPU cooling unit comprises a combination of heatpipes and a 3.14" (80 mm) fan. Even in idle mode, however, this arrangement is clearly audible at 44 decibels. Although the hot air is blown out through the side, the temperature inside the G-Max increases quickly. This can be clearly measured by the RAM and SIS chipset. If you hold your hand at the opening on the side, you will pull it back quickly, because it really heats up there. A mini-PC with built-in hairdryer? During the stress test, the G-Max reached 54 dB(a).

This noisemaker makes it to 54 decibels

It gets hot quickly inside.

The G-MAX CA2LSE is in the mid-range for volume

Siggy Moersch