8 SFF PCs: Small, But Not So Quiet

The Iwill's ZMAX-AP Shark Attack

Iwill is another candidate that promises much and then only makes individual test samples available. That's what happened in 2004 when no Iwill mini was included in the many tests. Other models have been announced, but we first wanted to have a look at the ZMAX-AP.

The Iwill SFF PC works with the older i865G chipset, which is also responsible for the onboard graphics. The case makes an elegant impression and stands out from the many Shuttles in this category. The aluminum surface has a rough, matte finish. The front panel and the lids blend in well with the rough effect. Unfortunately, they are made of cheap plastic. It is a skillful trick and only visible on a closer look.

The four oversize front connectors for USB 2.0 and Firewire give the ZMAX-AP a personal look. In operation, they are emphasized even more, because if a device is connected, the area around the port lights up in blue. Another attention-getting feature is the shark fin on the top of the case. This serves as a reception and broadcast antenna for Wireless-LAN access points.

Iwill ZMAX package contents

Mouse-gray design with rough finish

The four ports light up when a terminal device or hub is attached

Siggy Moersch