8 SFF PCs: Small, But Not So Quiet

Technical Data Of Power Supply

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Manufacturer / ModelEnhance ENP-2525A
Safety Standardsactive PFC, CE
Total Powermaximal 250 Watt
AC Input115 - 230 Volt, 50 - 60 Hz
Max output load+ 3,3 V @ 18 A, + 5 V @ 19 A, + 12 V @ 16 A, - 12 V @ 0,3A, + 5 Vsb @ 2,0 A
Fans1x 40 mm
Motherboard connectors1x 20-pin, 1x 12V ATXV2
Driver connectors2x Peripheral plug for 5.25", 2x Peripheral plug for Serial-ATA, 1x Peripheral plug for 3.5"

Cooling System And Heat Levels

The cooling design in the Trigem Kloss KL-i915a begins with the case, because it allows the use of the large CPU fan. The almost noiseless operation owes a lot to the two-story design, which separates the heat sources practically from one another. This allows the CPU fan to concentrate on its primary work instead of helping to cool other hardware in addition. Both the decibel measurements and our 60-minute stress test prove that this design is successful.

Three heatpipes ensure fast transfer of the heat away from the CPU

The CPU fan is extended with an additional plastic ring all the way to the bare-bones lid

Despite the stress test, all test points remain in the "cool" range

The only time the KL-i915A is quieter is when it is switched off

Siggy Moersch