8 SFF PCs: Small, But Not So Quiet

Technical Data Of Power Supply

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Manufacturer / ModelAOpen FSP275-60CU
Safety Standardsactive PFC, CE, TÜV
Total Power275 Watt max
AC Input115 - 220 Volt, 50 - 60 Hz
Max output load+ 3.3 V @ 17 A, + 5 V @ 16 A, + 12 V @ 8 A, + 12 V @ 14 A, + 5 Vsb @ 2.0 A, - 5 V @ 0.2 A, - 12 V @ 0.3 A
Fans1x 80 mm
Motherboard connectors1x 20-pin, 1x 12V ATXV2
Driver connectors3x peripheral plug for 5.25", 1x Peripheral plug for Serial-ATA via adapter, 1x Peripheral plug for 3.5"

Cooling System And Heat Levels

Two fans are responsible for fast heat dissipation in the EX915: one for the CPU and another for the power supply. Several openings on either side of the case are for air circulation. Cooling and ventilation of hot air are provided by a 60 mm fan. This does not only flow through the fins of the CPU block, but also ensures fast transfer of the heated air.

The heat sensor on the AOpen motherboard is sensitive. It only takes a short time for the XC Cube EX915 to stop operating silently. While the mini-PC only puts out 34 decibels when you turn it on, this figure is already 57 dB(a) after only 10 minutes at full capacity. After another 30 minutes this figure is as much as 64 decibels, which in comparison to the other test candidates comes out on top.

The massive cooling unit is made of copper

Regardless of where the CPU fan is connected to the socket, after 35 minutes its noise cannot be ignored

Heat levels of the XC Cube EX915 after 60 minutes

Only after being switched on is the volume level of the XC Cube EX915 acceptable

Siggy Moersch