8 SFF PCs: Small, But Not So Quiet

Foxconn E-bot, Continued

You do not have to add an AGP graphics card thanks to the SIS chipset's integrated graphics capabilities. However, the chipset's graphics performance is really fit for Office or Internet applications, and does not hold up so well for gaming applications.

You will not find many ports on the Foxconn

As for the ports on the back, Foxconn has only brought out the most crucial ones. You will search in vain for serial or parallel ports. Only two USB connectors and one Firewire connector are available, as well as three ports for 5.1 sound.

The hard drive is installed in the case from below.

The name is Nux - Li Nux


For playback, you will need the most recent codec from DivX.com .

Tick tock! It is hard to read the time in daylight


  • 6-in-1 card reader
  • Integrated slim-line CD burner
  • Handy format
  • Case that locks
  • Easy installation


  • Loud CPU fan
  • Few ports
  • Loud external power supply
  • No DVD burner, only CD-R with DVD read function
Siggy Moersch