8 SFF PCs: Small, But Not So Quiet

The Trigem Kloss KL-I915A Is All-around Silent

One of the most unusual mini-PCs of the last few months is the Trigem Kloss KL-i915A . It is not just the design that is unprecedented - the resulting heat and noise management is too. The hardware is built in on two separate levels so that heat sources like the CPU and the hard drive do not collide. The heat of the CPU is disposed of through an opening in the case lid. The heat of the drives remains in the bottom of the case and can escape through various ventilation slits. This design element and a fast-reacting fan control system allow the Kloss to remain pleasantly quiet even at peak performance. With the remote control and PowerCinema software included, you can operate the SFF PC whether you are sitting at a desk or are laying on a couch.

The many buttons on the front are discreetly lighted. One of the buttons is for overclocking and underclocking the CPU. BIOS settings can be controlled by pushing a button. The speed of the front side bus is halved during underclocking. The CPU gives off less heat, and the Kloss KLi915a works even more quietly-but then considerably more slowly too.

It's all inside - including a remote control

Buttons are lit up in blue

The Kloss KL-i915A always displays the most important system data

The motherboard is in the middle of the case

The drives find their niche at the bottom

The power supply is also kept in the cellar

A bird's-eye view of the KL-i915A SFF-PC


  • Hardware easy to install
  • Lots of room for expansion cards
  • Well-considered design
  • Universal remote control
  • Pleasantly quiet
  • Clear display


  • Wobbly front panel
Siggy Moersch