Six 975X Enthusiast Motherboards for Today and Tomorrow

Foxconn 975X7AA

Foxconn's motherboard is somewhat colorful.

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Foxconn 975X7AA (Rev. 1.0)
PlatformSockel LGA775
NorthbridgeIntel 975X (Rev. C0)
SouthbridgeIntel ICH7R (82801 GB)
Phasen3-Phasen Regulator
BIOS597F1P23 (03/02/2006)
Clock ChipICS 9LPR5511CGLF
Clock Setting in BIOSMeasurement
266.6 MHz (FSB1066)266.1 MHz (-0.25%)
SPD Memory Timing RecognitionTiming Result
DDR2-667CL 4.0-4-4-12 (setup 4.0-4-4-8)
Connectorsonboard / IO - panel
USB 2.04 / 4
IEEE1394/Firewire1 / 1
Serial COM Portnone / 1
Parallel LPT Portnone / 1
LANnone / 2
SATA5 / 1
Audio analogLineIn CD / 7.1 Cannels
Audio digitalnone / optical Out
Connectorsonboard only
PCIe 16x2
PCIe 4x0
PCIe 1x2
IDE (PATA)1 (2 channels)
Fan 4 pins (CPU)1
Fan 3 pins (System)2
Mass Storage Controller
ICH71x IDE (ATA100)4x SATA (RAID 0,1,5,10)
Silicon Image SiL3132CNV1x SATA (RAID 0,1,0+1,5)
Marvell 88E8053 PCIe1 Gbit/s LAN
Marvell 88E8053 PCIe1 Gbit/s LAN
Realtek ALC882AC97 (High Definition Audio)
Texas Instrument TSB43AB22A2x 1394a (400 Mbit/s)

Foxconn offers all connectors from eSATA to dual Gigabit Ethernet. The antiquated cap for the optical audio connector would be better exchanged for a flap cover, though.