Six 975X Enthusiast Motherboards for Today and Tomorrow


We used BIOS version BX97510J.86A.0807.2006.0314.1158. We haven't discovered yet why this has to be such a long number!

Intel has been offering a BIOS-based BIOS update procedure for many years. Insert a floppy disk with the latest image and flash. You can also go the traditional way using a DOS boot disk, or the more comfortable way through Windows XP.

Updating the BIOS using Windows XP as the host system is the most comfortable option.

Intel's update utility will automatically restart the system and provide status information.

Intel's BIOS menu runs at a relatively high resolution of 800x600.

Security is a priority for Intel; the event log has been a part of most motherboard products for years.

The hardware monitor is not very detailed. Here we removed the CPU cooler, which caused the processor to heat up quickly, but the motherboard didn't complain at all.