Six 975X Enthusiast Motherboards for Today and Tomorrow

Driver, Software And Tools

The autostart program on the driver CD detects the required software.

Installation is unattended...

...however, the installation program caused problems after the initial software setup...

... and the installation manager crashed.

Intel's website has improved during the restructuring of the company. We reached download speeds of up to 90 kB/s.

The Desktop Control Center is Intel's interpretation of an overclocking solution for Windows, and it works pretty well.

You can change the memory timings using the DCC, but this will require you to restart the system.

Intel provides this stress test tool, which can be used to verify the stability of your overclocking settings.

The Performance Index helps you check whether overclocking is worthwhile.

Intel allows you to set one of three temperature zones, which will have an impact on fan speeds.