Six 975X Enthusiast Motherboards for Today and Tomorrow


Gigabyte equips the G1975X with Creative's Audigy 2 SE CA0106 PCI sound chip.

A highlight of this motherboard is the Creative audio processor, which reaches a signal-to-noise ratio of -115 dB(A). When compared to the -85 dB(A) level achieved by the competition, this represents a huge audio quality advantage for Gigabyte. The PCI sound chip also requires less processor time for the audio. Software installation turned out to be a real problem, however.

The 7.1 sound can be output in either digital or analog form.

We could install neither the drivers that came included on the CD, nor the version that we downloaded.

A manual driver installation is the only way of getting the on-board Audigy 2 operational.

Many less-experienced users would not install a driver component if Windows returned a compatibility warning.