Six 975X Enthusiast Motherboards for Today and Tomorrow

BIOS And Memory

We used BIOS version 1.1B3 for testing.

MSI have a live update program. This tool allows to update the BIOS and all driver components under windows in a comfortable way.

MSI does not offer many memory overclocking options. The maximum memory clock speed at FSB1066 is DDR2-880.

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Possible Memory Configration
FSB1066 (266 MHz)1:XXFSB800 (200 MHz)

The BIOS version we used did not allow us to select a FSB speed below 266 MHz for the Pentium Extreme Edition 955.

There is no option that allows you to alter the CPU core voltage, which limits overclocking attempts to fairly conservative levels.

With timing settings of CL 4.0-4-4-8 at DDR2-677 speeds, we did not encounter any problems.