Six 975X Enthusiast Motherboards for Today and Tomorrow

Drivers, Software And Tools

This is the software selection menu of the Asus software installation disc. It was possible to install all programs properly, but we decided to download the latest versions from the Asus website prior to testing.

The Asus website offers comprehensive driver support, but is somewhat complex.

The impressive number of downloads offered by Asus can be a disadvantage, because we found multiple versions of drivers and tools. Many of them were designed for different operating systems; we also found some download links that did not work.

We tried all four Asus servers, but none of them was capable of delivering more than 10 kB/s for downloads, which is fairly slow. Downloading all the drivers for this motherboard can take up to two hours at that speed.

The Asus AiBooster allows you to increase the FSB and the CPU core voltage without needing to restart the system.

PC Probe II is responsible for system surveillance. It keeps track of voltages, temperature levels and fan speeds, and notifies the user if an irregularity is detected. Unfortunately, PC Probe II does not offer the comprehensive graphical information that former versions did.

You can update your motherboard BIOS either using the Asus Update tool or the common DOS utility Award Flash. The Windows version is much more comfortable and automatically downloads the latest BIOS version from the Asus website.