Six 975X Enthusiast Motherboards for Today and Tomorrow


We used BIOS version 0403 for this roundup.

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Bios Voltage Settings
FSB frequency100 - 450 MHz (Bios settings)
CPU Core voltage1.200 - 1.700 V
Memory voltage1.80 - 2.40 V
FSB Signal voltage1.20 - 1.50 V
Northbridge (MCH) voltage1.50 - 1.65 V
Sourthbridge (ICH) voltage1.05 - 1.20 V

If you run this motherboard at FSB800 speed (200 MHz), memory speeds up to DDR2-800 may be selected, although the chipset is only specified for a maximum of DDR2-667.

At FSB1066 (266 MHz) you could deploy DDR2-1066 memory.

Asus allows you to modify certain processor parameters.

The option "Hyper Path 3" helps to increase the memory bandwidth.

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Possible Memory Configration
FSB1066 (266 MHz)1:XXFSB800 (200 MHz)

The BIOS offers an item called "Performance Mode". If you set this to "Turbo", the motherboard will increase the FSB speed by 2 MHz, but without telling you about it at boot time. In order to ensure a fair comparison, we used the "Standard" setting.

Asus provides a graphics overclocking feature called "PEG Link Mode". "Slow" does not change anything and runs the graphics card at default speeds. All other options will automatically overclock the graphics card by a noticeable margin.