Six 975X Enthusiast Motherboards for Today and Tomorrow

Driver, Software And Tools

MSI's website is well structured, and allowed us to find required software easily. We did not receive a driver disc with the motherboard sample, so we used MSI's tools to download the necessary files.

200 kB/s is an adequate download speed.

DigiCell informs you about the installed MSI features.

CoreCenter is the overclocking central for Windows XP, where you can adjust several settings on the fly. However, with this beta sample, the display did not reflect the actual values.

CoreCenter can track monitoring values visually over a period of time.

i-Speedster records your effective network interface bandwidth, and allows you to fine-tune your settings for DSL.

SI's Live Update service is pretty sophisticated now; it automatically updates drivers and software.

A simple click is enough to download the latest versions from MSI's servers.