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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X Review

DTP, Office, Multimedia & Compression Performance

Although we usually don’t run our application benchmarks on overclocked processors, we're including the Threadripper models at stock and overclocked frequencies to study how well AMD’s architecture scales with increased frequency. We also added a (reasonably) overclocked Intel Core i9-7900X to our results.

DTP & Presentation

Adobe’s Creative Cloud gives us a look at single- and multi-core performance. As such, it beats synthetic benchmarks as a productivity test.

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After Effects CC scales well with core count, granting an easy win to the Threadripper processors. Conversely, InDesign CC finds Intel’s Skylake-X in the back of the pack, while Core i7-7700K leads with its blend of high IPC throughput and frequency. Likewise, AMD’s Ryzen 7 outperforms the Threadripper processors, even after we boost their clock rate. The 1920X dominates in Adobe Illustrator, while the 1950X inexplicably struggles.

Encoding & Multimedia

After tuning, the Threadripper processors trade blows with Intel's overclocked Core i9-7900X. They do lag behind at stock settings; however, the 1920X slips past Core i7-7820X.

Intensifying the workload with higher quality settings really emphasizes threading. This gives AMD's Threadripper processors a sizeable advantage over the -7900X and a resounding win over the rest of the group.

Compression & Decompression

The 1920X's extra cores also come into play during our compression test, giving it an advantage over the stock -7900X.

Intel's overclocked Core i9-7900X barely beats the stock and overclocked 1920X, but its advantage is small enough to be imperceptible.

A lightly-threaded 7-Zip decompression workload prefers high clock rate and IPC throughput. The 1920X's slight frequency advantage over AMD's brawny flagship translates to a quantifiable win. Tuning widens the gap even further.


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