BenQ Zowie XL2411P Gaming Monitor Review: 144Hz but no Adaptive-Sync

The XL2411P delivers 144Hz and motion blur reduction in a solidly built chassis at a low price. A TN panel at 1080p promises responsive gameplay and fast frame rates.

(Image: © BenQ)

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Our checklist for gaming monitors is a short one: fast refresh rate, accurate color, low input lag and Adaptive-Sync, (G-Sync or FreeSync). The BenQ Zowie XL2411P is the first display we’ve seen in a while that doesn’t include that last feature. This might cause some to write it off immediately, but after spending some time playing games, we don’t consider this omission to be a deal-breaker. Since BenQ has thrown in blur reduction that up to 144Hz, we still enjoyed ourselves in even the most fast-paced titles.

(Image credit: BenQ)

We'd prefer if the monitor didn't use a backlight strobe for motion blur reduction. That backlight strobe cuts brightness by half when in action, limiting the  XL2411P to about 184 nits. This is enough light for most environments, but we recommend a room with moderate lighting or lower. Sun-drenched spaces will struggle with image quality here. Meanwhile, color is accurate after a few adjustments (see page 2). The monitor clips some highlight and shadow detail to increase perceived contrast. This is effective for most content, but you'll occasionally have a hard time seeing the finest elements. However, there's a partial solution in the Black eQualizer feature. 

Ultimately, the lack of G-Sync or FreeSync takes the XL2411P’s value quotient down. It's a decent value at around $200, but other screens, like the Acer XFA240 ($200 at the time of writing) and ViewSonic Elite XG240R ($195), deliver similar features and quality plus FreeSync for about the same money. The BenQ sports a little better build quality than those monitors but that is its only advantage.

The XL2411P offers good image quality but doesn’t stand out above others as a total package.

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