Six New AMD Coolers: Cold Enough For You?

Zalman CNPS9500 LED

Eye-catching design: Zalman's copper CNPS 9500 cooler

Korean manufacturer Zalman has specialized in efficient PC cooling solutions for some time now. In particular, its innovative CNPS7000 and CNPS7700 products earned the company a slew of recommendations and rave reviews.

Zalman brands even the top of the unit's contact surface.

Using three heatpipes, the new CPS9500 ups the ante considerably compared to its predecessors. The cooler's special shape and the arrangement of its components are supposed to deliver cooling efficiency equivalent to six conventional heatpipes.

From six make three: the special shape permits Zalman to use only half as many heatpipes in its cooler.

A side view makes the path that the heatpipes follow easy to see.

As always, copper dominates this Zalman design. Copper not only delivers good heat conductivity, but also makes for an elegant appearance.

It is elegant: This is a profile view of the Zalman cooler.

Zalman also uses blue lighting

  • theali
    AMD box cooler is ~450g (I have one at my home). The data is not showing apples-to-apples comparison. AMD cooler is lighter than Zamlan Cooler by ~100 grams.