Six New AMD Coolers: Cold Enough For You?


Those familiar with Zalman coolers will make short work of installation, because nothing has been changed from earlier models. In fact, Zalman uses exactly the same fasteners for its latest and greatest offering as it did in its previous models.

Fasteners for AMD systems

Things go fast with Socket 478 systems as well

Socket 775: Zalman still uses its well-known fasteners here too

The nearly universal situation with aftermarket coolers also applies to Zalman - as long as the backplate is glued to the motherboard, installation is fast and easy; otherwise, it's necessary to remove the motherboard to gain access to the backplate. After mounting two standoffs, it's only necessary to fasten the cooler down with two screws.

  • theali
    AMD box cooler is ~450g (I have one at my home). The data is not showing apples-to-apples comparison. AMD cooler is lighter than Zamlan Cooler by ~100 grams.