Six New AMD Coolers: Cold Enough For You?

Fan Controls

The fan uses a four-pin PWM connector that enables it to be regulated automatically, assuming that the motherboard supports this kind of connection. Many users would probably prefer to adjust fan speed themselves instead, however. That is probably why EKL also includes a fan controller module that can be seated either in an unused 3.5" drive bay on the front of a PC, or in an unused expansion card slot in the case. The controller faceplate for the case front is finished in brushed aluminum, sufficiently good-looking to appear in public view.

Installation options: the fan controller fits either in a 3.5" drive bay, or into a free expansion card slot on the back of the PC.

Making the connection: linking the fan controller to the 4-pin connector on the cooler

  • theali
    AMD box cooler is ~450g (I have one at my home). The data is not showing apples-to-apples comparison. AMD cooler is lighter than Zamlan Cooler by ~100 grams.