Crysis 3 Performance, Benchmarked On 16 Graphics Cards

Very High-Detail Benchmarks

With the less demanding settings behind us, we're cranking up the graphics quality to its highest level using the Very High preset. 

Because it's simply not possible to run the most demanding MSAA settings using Very High details, we're sticking to 2x SMAA. We're also limiting the Motion Blur option to Medium for two reasons: it exacts a high demand, and we're not really interested in seeing more blur than than Medium gives us.

Based on the average and minimum frame rates, all of these cards (and combinations of cards) appear able to handle this preset at 1920x1080. With that said, even though the data indicates otherwise, several options are choppy.

Frame rate over time shows us how at least 30 FPS is maintained through most of our benchmark.

The frame time variance chart is indicative of the choppiness we were experiencing. The GeForce GTX 660 Ti, in particular, seemed to struggle.

Unfortunately, our dual-card and dual-GPU readings can't be considered as accurate as the single-GPU results due to the tools at our disposal, so we can't speak objectively about those numbers. Interestingly, the GeForce GTX Titan and 680 demonstrate higher variance results, despite their single GPUs.