DDR for Pentium III: 10 Boards with VIA Apollo Pro 266

MSI Pro266 Master (MS-6366) - A Board For All Seasons

BIOS - Award V1.0B10 (15.02.2001)

Board revision - N1996

Apart from the Shuttle, the MSI MS-6366 is the only board tested that works with both SDRAM memory and DDR SDRAM memory. The board's very poor performance is a serious problem - it places last in practically all the benchmarks. Its limping performance can partly be attributed to its weak AGP performance - the MSI MS-366 doesn't support the AGP Fast Write mode.

On the other hand, the long track length between the processor and the Northbridge chipset already hints at this problem. In addition, the test revealed some compatibility problems with DDR SDRAM memory - a very limited assortment of modules can be used in the MSI board.

On the other hand, the board's integrated RAID controller and its hardware diagnostic LED display feature lead to a better overall impression. As far as the CNR slot is concerned, the same holds true for the MSI board as well as all other test candidates furnished with this port - it's utterly useless.