DDR for Pentium III: 10 Boards with VIA Apollo Pro 266

DDR SDRAM For Socket 370

You can consider the introduction of the VIA Apollo Pro 266 chipset and its DDR SDRAM memory technology for the Pentium III and Celeron from an entirely different perspective. Intel has chosen to shelve the somewhat old-fashioned Socket 370 and has been devoting all its energy to pushing the Pentium IV with a Socket 423 platform. This leads to the question of whether or not the introduction of the new VIA chipset will give the Pentium III and Celeron a new lease on life. Be that as it may, Intel still produces the Intel 815 in all its various forms and continues to sell it in substantial quantities.

New - 6x USB And Colorful Boards

Several features become immediately noticeable when looking at the 10 test candidates. For one thing, the manufacturers have increased the number of USB ports to a total of six, which is a useful feature. For another thing, the Taiwanese manufacturers must have heard that colorful boards are totally "in". There could be no other explanation for the fact that Asus is following the lead of AOpen and Gigabyte to produce boards in different colors. The manufacturers are showing restraint in color choice, with most of them offering boards in black and blue only. Still, we expect that it is a matter of time before the first pink board makes its way to our testing lab.

General Overview Of VIA Apollo Pro 266

This block circuit diagram shows how the Northbridge and the Southbridge work together.