DDR for Pentium III: 10 Boards with VIA Apollo Pro 266

Soyo SY-7VDA - An Overclocker's Dream Come True

BIOS - Award 7VDA-2AP1 (19.02.2001)

Board revision - unknown

The Soyo SY-7VDA's compact dimensions makes it stand out from the other boards. An additional network chip has been integrated into the board. Features such as a front side bus, which is adjustable in increments of 1 MHz, adjustable CPU core voltage and a variable clock multiplier, make the Soyo an excellent overclocking candidate. In terms of performance, the board averages third in our benchmarks.

The board's developers have focused more directly on the market by simply omitting unnecessary multimedia ports, which are available on the other test candidates. Some problems cropped up when we deleted the CMOS memory module in the test - afterwards, the board was no longer able to produce any sounds. It wasn't until we used a second Soyo board running an older BIOS version that we managed to remedy the freeze-up.